The challenge of being physically disabled

I am sure all of you have seen a person with a physical disability before, but have you ever thought how your life would be in their place? Have you ever thought about how that disability would keep you from going on with your current and future plans? Imagine how woeful it would be to give birth and not be able to carry your own child, how depressing it would be to not be capable of teaching you son how to play baseball, or how sad it would be to a be a brother and play all sorts of games, but have your sibling just watch. It can be painful to imagine, but if you do, you will realize how hard all of that would impact on your life. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2012, about 19.9 million of Americans above the age of 15 have some kind of upper body physical disability, and 30.6 million suffer with lower body disability. These numbers are equivalent to 20.8% of the entire American population. This percentage could be extremely reduced if more time was spent on prosthetic research to make them cheaper and more efficient, allowing the 1/5 of the American population to have a normal life.